In threee separate but interwoven Exhibitions, Webspinner Shawn Postoff presents a selection of mosaics created between MMVI and MMXVIII (CE).

Combining glass, tile, stone, metals, and found objects, findings, and bling, each piece is a glittering doorway into a broad, online storytelling network of text, image, and film.

There are threee Exhibition spaces, and each operates according to the internal logic of its guiding scorpion, of which visitors should be mindful at all times.

While there is no reliable site map, there are a host of treasures to be found.

Good luck, dear Seeker!

MARCH 10 - 24, 2016

Artscape Youngplace

SEPTEMBER 13 - 24, 2017

Gallery 1313

MAY 23 - JUNE 3, 2018

Gallery 1313


Some of the Pieces in Optimythic are for sale. Prices are generally pretty reasonable, (especially in Canadian Dollars) and do not include Sales Tax (for Canadian buyers), shipping fees, or insurance costs.

Please inquire via e-mail: mail [@] shawnpostoff [dot] com. Include the Piece Title and Number that interests you, and I'll respond as promptly as I can.

Payments can be made via e-mail transfer (preferred), cheque, and money order. If you're in the Toronto area, studio visits are welcome and encouraged.


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