973395 - OPTIMYTHIC 03:

How Does a Fairy Earn His Wingz?



His Majesty, the Queen!


Her Most Loyal Servant, Sir Richard Wadd, Pornographer


Your Most Recent Question

Your Grace:

Owing to the steadily ongrowing
Expeditions that continue to push
Cleverly and courageously deeper
Into the thickest and thorniest reaches
Of the old-growth, Optimythic forest,
‘Twill hardly surprise my observant eyes
To glimpse your Keen, Quiiir, and Curious mind
In a state of perpetual wonder.

At the core of your twirling befuddlement
Is the zinger you recently zang me,
Namely: “How Does A Fairy Earn His Wings?”

By Jove, ‘tis a Kwestion of Epic Propor$ion!
To answer it, I invite you to ask
A paralleL, equi-conceptual zong,
Namely: “How does IOQB become I$RAL?”

To phrase the exact same zinger-stinger
In a third, more graphical stick-sign way,
We can further pose the following zarn:
“How does OQRB, the fearsome scorpion,
Transform into a tame, time-wizened Eye
That perceives the infinite, spiraling pique
Of the nefarious Letter-God, Q?

To assist you in your Quest for answers,
I have Q-rated the present assembly
Of FairyTotems recently culled
From the frontiers of our extractive mission.

As you know, there are now several railheads
Penetrating into the LaughingTrees.
Most continue to return “typical”
PleasureBombs that fit messily into
The korpus of qumshots already seen.

In the current display, you’ll discover
A smattering of this familiar style
Dutifully accompanied – as proper –
With a modest dollop of Poesy
By mine own hand lovingly composed.
Though trifles, I trust you’ll deem them worthy.

Of considerably amplified torque
Than the “normal” specimens, however,
Are a new class of krystalline treasures
Whose surfacing appears to represent
A more ancient stratum of FairyPractice.
These explosures tend to kLuster in dim,
Dark, and sun-starved spaces whose environs
Are decidedly inaccessible.
Their Style is brazenly figurative,
And the figures themselves – be they nudes
Or near-naked, nymph-like self-reflexors –
Display a proud and stately confidence.
As a sub-collection, they indicate
A more formal and pointed intention:
The anonymous FairyCouples
That routinely sculpted them seem to have had
A rigorous, ritualistic Purpose
In transmitting their ineffable spores.
This Purpose, alas, remains still opaque.

Nevertheless, on the blind assumption
That the Internet (being a nascent
NeoCortex lichening the crust of Earth)
Must steadily evolve more sentience,
We ought always expect that savvy Seekers
In the Long Now listening shall one day soon
Finally find obvious reason for it.

Indeed, a rational Explanation
For the figurative depiction of Fairies
In the Explosive Expression of their
“Deep State” PleasureBombs is inevitable –
Especially if such a conclusion
Is pre-seeded with properly heeded
WordMissions by my docent hand composed.

(Naturally, though I am but a lone neuron
Among billions on our planet’s burgeoning brain,
I remain perennially hopeful
For a modestly respectable chunk
Of its cyber-axonomatic real-estate.)

Until then, we marvel at the mystery of it!
And in our marvels, we revel in the
Future’s coming Discovery of it!
And we are heartened by the assurance
Of the OPTIMYTHIC forest itself,
Which reminds us, with each season’s harvest,
That, beyond the bleak obscenities
Of competitive, consumptive culture,
There yet abides a temperate, moss-carpeted
Sanctuary called “The Global Wisdom.”

The Global Wisdom

May Your Majesty's Personal Wisdom
Shine forevermore in sun-ripened sweetness,
Moon-kissed wonder, and star-touched intelligence!

Beneath its Eternal Glory, I remain,
Most humbly and faithfully yours in Qrist,

Sir Richard Wadd,

photo by Ashley Gillick


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