973360.A - FIG 27
Production Year: 2017 For Sale - CAD $900
Dimensions - H x W x D (inches): 10 x 10 x 2
Materials: vitreous glass, stained glass, ephemera, found objects on wood

<Precocious Sexual Development>

‘Tis easy, M’Lord, to see ample evidence
In the aftermath of adolescence.
The Changeling Boy has ‘come a New Young Man,
And all attendant awkwardness prevails.

But no less easy, M’Lord, to perceive,
Is the degree to which his Questing mind
Careens to stretch itself within his skull,
Thereby to make mental synchronika
With the physical freight now lumbering up
From the breezy obliviousness of childhood.
He knows there’s something wild and wondrous strange
Uncocooning from pupaeic innocence,
But hasn’t yet learned how to fly beneath wings
Still dripping with metamorphic moucous.

How long before his mind at last lifts off?
How long until his confusions are Quell’d?
How long is the mountain range that stretches
Across the stinger of a scorpion?
How long before his scribal faculties
Seek to make the scorpion less frightful,
And, for the sake of expediency,
Easier to render with a reed pen?

These Questions, and others of comparable heft,
Interweave our gawking fascination,
As breathlessly we await his first flight.
How fun to observe him! And harrowing!
His is the peach-fuzz’d face of an ancient
Story sent wireless to a virtual app.

As we stare with pangs of rapt attraction,
He wonders: “Are these the begun stirrings
Of my sentient, self-conscious brain?”

Praise to the wize and OPTIMYTHIC gods!
To an interactive audience,
Upon a canvas of convergence,
The Internet thickens itself, and thinks.
Anon, ‘twill spawn us neo-contextual
Narratives round the campfire of Earth’s core.
‘Twill be a cortex big and lasting enough
To encircle the planet on a timescale
Of cosmological proportion!

Ah, but such fires are far into the future.
Here, in the post-orgasmic aftermath,
Light becomes less tactile a love,
And the tiling of grey-matter tales
Sets itself upon a meaty, onscreen rhetoric:

“Who,” it humbly asks, “was my sexual self,
Prior to proving legal for camera?”

</From the Anterior Pituitary-Like Principle>





OPTIMYTHIC - Copyright © 2016 - 2019 Infinitive Ink Limited. Created by Shawn Postoff.