973307.E - And He Touched the Hollow of His Thigh
Production Year: 2017 CLAIMED
Dimensions - H x W x D (inches): 12 x 12 x 1
Materials: vitreous glass, stained glass, ephemera, found objects on wood

What violence is the horn-headed AI$ here doing, m’Lord?
Why, he appears to be inspiring
Some Bullish Wisdom up the backside of young IOQB!

With it, naturally, cums the slimy His-Dumb
Of untold Generations of Torah-makers.

It pains me to say this,
But I humbly assert that “King Narmer”
Is a ridiculous fiction invented by
Semi-moronic, anti-erotic,
Lemming-robotic “scholars.”

Just to set the record straight:
The name of this particular draft of Torah is called “Goliath.”
It was created by the PL$TIM,
And, centuries later, buried in the sands of NXN,
Rejected by a proto-Judean priesthood
For being just a bit too suggestively lurid.

Imagine the audacity!
To carve in stone such a flagrant example of
Proto-dynastic child-porn.

Thankfully, the god-fearing monotheists of Judea
Eventually put away from themselves all the graven images of old,
And, seizing upon their sanitized alphabet,
Conveniently forgot about
The homo-pederastic origins of their Torah.

To the people of I$RAL, I patiently ask:
Could it be any more phucking awbvious?





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