973301.B - NX$ SNI
Production Year: 2015 CLAIMED
Dimensions - H x W x D (inches): 3 x 3 x 1
Materials: vitreous glass, stained glass, found objects on wood

A certain Fairy was overheard asking his father to describe a Human Orgasm.

Well, said his father, imagine a flat line that slowly builds into a rising and falling SineWave of pulsing Pleasure. The Pleasure only lasts a few seconds, and then the line quickly flattens down into the boring baseline that characterizes most Humans.

This certain Fairy considered for a Time, and then flitted elsewhere, to another thought, where he was overheard asking his mother to describe a Human Orgasm.

Well, said his mother, “imagine twelve separate SineWaves, each of them continuously rising and falling throughout a Human lifetime, each according to its own separate frequency of thought and feeling. And now, imagine a wildly ineffable period of Time in which all the SineWaves converge into a single, cataclysmic synchronization of spiritual and physical Pleasure deep inside the core of a Human Body. Further, if there are two Humans engaged in the PleasureMaking, and they are sufficiently skilled, the SineWave synchronization might conceivably occur in both of their bodies at the very same Time, which could (in theory) further amplify the eXplosive power of their combined Pleasure.”

This certain Fairy was silent for several days after.

Eventually, this certain Fairy was invited to dine at the Sacred Grove. Throughout the meal, he remained thoughtfully silent. Finally, Queen Titania asked him what was thinking about. He chewed for a Time on his food, and then swallowed it, and then replied, I wish I could experience a Human Mothers kind of Orgasm.

And King Oberon smiled knowingly, and winked at him, and whispered, “You can.”





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