973143.I - UHNX$ HIH ORUM
Production Year: 2015 For Sale - CAD $1,500
Dimensions - H x W x D (inches): 8 x 13 x 3
Materials: stained glass, found objects on wood

YW will notice, Fairy, that its one of the Humans most Obscene and PornoGraffik Glyphs, moreso than all the other Glyphs of the Sand, from the days when God was first learning how to draw with a stick.

Not long after the SandPictures had transitioned into GravenImages, this particular NX$ was proudly and brazenly being carved into both tomb and temple walls all over the Kingdom!

But on or around the 6,423rd Annual Saqqara Inter-Tribal Bull Festival, some of the more conservative elements of the Priesthood were overheard grumbling amongst themselves about the sorry state of their God-Worship, and how bAnal, and sLiteral it had all become.

And so, after much debate, a Resolution was finally drawn up, and it was presented to the High Council with the very noble intention of placing sensible limits on the Orthodox Canon of Graven Glyphs.

Most of the Priests supported the Resolution, but 2 of them did not.

The first dissenting Priest argued that any depiction of the NeXu$ should not technically be classified as PornoGrafy, since knowing what The Serpent actually looks like (although it can be somewhat disturbing to behold) is nevertheless a necessary and useful step toward understanding the meaning and origin of all the other sacred Glyphs.

Meanwhile, the second dissenting Priest simply lifted up his robe, revealed his colossal erection, and hinted at his willingness to Use it.

As this second Priest came from a wealthy village that was the de facto hegemonic power along the Nile at that Time, his No vote regarding the Resolution was essentially a veto of the Resolution, and so the NeXu$ remained effectively ORUM until another priestly uprising a few years later, when the effects of cultural decay had become even more acute, and the convulsing Priesthood painfully transitioned from its ancient Glyphobet into a sleek and modern, corporate-style Alphabet.





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