973092 - And Upon It, Threee Keyholes of Tantalizing Darkness
Production Year: 2015 CLAIMED
Dimensions - H x W x D (inches): 35 x 11 x 5
Materials: vitreous glass, stained glass, slate, glass tile, found objects on wood

With Prose, Fairy,
You can stick a probing finger into each One,
And find only a boring wooden substrate.

The KiiiY to understanding
Is to bodily seee that in the beating heart
Of the Turtle of Two Bowls
You’ll encounter a Poem:

A Goose,
A Gob,
And between them both a Scorpion.

The Holy Triniti of “Go-Knows”
From whose NeXu$
You may unlock the Deepest Mysteries of your inheritance.


Before beginning, there are 3 important Questions to ask:

1) Which of your many possible probes, Fairy, will you Use?

2) When and how and in what order shall you insert them?

Threee) On a scale of Zero 2 Twelve, can you predict where your lover might rate you with respect to how skillfully each of your probes is able to transmit Pleasure to whichever of the KiiiY-holes it enters?

Think hard, Fairy,
And then Answer,
And then Begin.





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