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Webspinner Shawn Postoff presents a selection of mosaics created over the past decade.

Combining glass, tile, stone, metals, and found objects, each piece is a glittering doorway into a broad, online storytelling network of text, image, and film.

MARCH 10 - 24, 2016

Daily 8am - 8pm

Artscape Youngplace
Studio 107

180 Shaw Street
Toronto, Ontario


Saturday, March 12, 5pm - 8pm




I'm a Toronto-based artist working in a wide array of new, old, and ancient media. I think of myself as a "Webspinner" -- the Internet is my primary substrate, and upon it I place my various works of trans-media art.  The creation process is ongoing; there's no definitive beginning or end to the large-scale structure of the networked storytelling. 

Each of the mosaic works included in this exhibition is a physical node in my narrative network. My materials include: vitreous, smalti, and stained glass; ceramic and porcelain tile; stone and crystal; cast metals and findings; grout; wood; found objects and dissected electronics.  With it all, I build three-dimensional sculptural wall-mounts that stand alone as abstract works of art.

When photographed, indexed, and deployed into cyberspace, these mosaics also become the subject of digital images that are each available for deep linking with other regions of my online storytelling universe.

My vision is for a hyperlinked web of timelines, images, and texts that serve as a metaphorical portrait of my evolving identity. As such, it becomes a resource of personal narratives that can be mined as a tool for self-analysis and self-knowledge. I periodically review my past deployments in search of meaningful (or mysterious) patterns of mind and consciousness.  These alternating seasons of creation and reflection allow for self-directed exploration, therapy, and, every once in a while, exorcism.

I hope and expect that future creation cycles will draw upon these mosaics to embroider and illustrate my burgeoning, online narratives. Each of these pieces can thus be approached as a doorway into elsewhere spaces of my mind.

973004 Exoplanets
973009 Camwhore
973010 Cupid's Promise
973013 The Discovery of Play
973020 Thorvaldsen's Tableau
973039 Rhyming Couplets
973041 Love Breaks Through
973043 A Bug in the System
973044 Tunnels of Pleasure
973045 He Flew Into the Nile
973047 Distillations of Desire
973049 Government Services Delivery Cluster
973050 He Fell Into the Nile
973065 HQ$T BONN
973067 Quotation Marks
973069 And the Nexus was NakedMost
973071.E Mountain Pass
973071.F A Deep Sounding
973088.B Multiple Possible Translations
973088.C Induction Toil
973089 The Trains Always Run On Time
973092 And Upon It, Threee Keyholes of Tantalizing Darkness
973095.D As Nature Does
973095.E Puberty
973099 He Fell Into Denial
973101 Hadrian Wept Like a Woman
973105.F Escapement
973106.I Hadrian Founded a City
973108 On the Banx of the Four Rivers Nile
973110 Something In My Throat
973115.A Architecture
973115.B Music
973115.C Sculpture
973115.D Painting
973116.B A Brief and Blazing Love
973116.D The Library of Alexandria
973117.A M'Lord?
973117.B Generation Gaps
973121.C Tempting Fate
973121.D The Art of Vitalis
973122.I Obfuscation
973122.K LOL
973125 Clear and Concise Instructions...
973126 A Magnificent Breakthrough
973128.A The Little Death
973128.B Holy $T! We're Dreaming in Colour!
973128.C The Writing on the Wall
973128.D Home Page
973128.E The False Phlags of Orthodoxy
973128.F With a Wink and Nod to Boson Zabigyon
973129.E In a State of Erotica
973138.L Blue-Skying It
973141 I¢XQ UI$MOAL
973145 Beach
973154 GN BODN
973202 Fleshpot
973209 Precision Instruments
973242.B I've Always Wanted to Famously Quip Something
973243.A A Constellation is Bourne
973300.G An Abacus of Mindful Arithmetic
973300.H Sexy
973300.I Comfort
973301.A NX$ AXD
973301.B NX$ $NI
973301.C NX$ $LI$I
973301.D NX$ RBIOI
973301.E NX$ XMI$I
973301.H NX$ $$I


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